Cresco Labs Expands High Supply Brand Portfolio in California and Illinois

Cresco Labs (CSE:CL) (OTCQX:CRLBF), one of the largest vertically integrated, multistate cannabis operators in the United States, announced today it has launched 1.0 g and 0.5 mg Live Cartridges from its High Supply line in dispensaries across California and Illinois. Cresco Labs has built a robust portfolio with eight distinct brands offering quality cannabis products at different price points to meet the diverse needs of its different markets, patients and customers. The new High Supply Live Cartridges complement the existing brand portfolio and deliver 100% cannabis oil rich in flavorful live terpenes with approachable pricing for cannabis enthusiasts and value shoppers alike.

We are continuing to work to round out our brand portfolio with a variety of price points and products targeted towards different users and occasions. Our focus on building our House of Brands has led to widespread success with strong growth from both our new brands like High Supply and our existing portfolio of brands,” said Greg Butler, Chief Commercial Officer at Cresco Labs. “We believe the focus we’ve put on the middle two verticals, brands and wholesale distribution, combined with a diversified branded portfolio approach will continue to drive sustainable long-term results.”

The launch of High Supply Live Cartridges follows the recent market introduction of the Company’s Cresco 1.0 g liquid live resin vape cartridges. High Supply Live Cartridges use quality cannabis flower that is carefully extracted to a broad-spectrum oil. The natural cannabis aromas and flavors are enhanced by blending in live resin terpenes extracted from fresh frozen material. The final products are one-of-a-kind cartridges that offer smooth, tasty and potent vapor experiences. High Supply Live Cartridges never contain THC boosters, distillate or other harmful additives like MCT oil and vitamin E acetate. They come in a variety of Sativa, Indica and Hybrid terpene blends and are competitively priced among other vapes in California and Illinois. Both Cresco and High Supply vape offerings allow the Company to offer a wide variety of popular products at price points appealing to various consumer segments in California and Illinois.

Over the last year, Cresco Labs has widened its breadth of branded product offerings in California and Illinois to include Cresco premium flower, pre-rolled joints, live resin concentrates and liquid live resin vape cartridges; Mindy’s Chef Led Artisanal Edibles gummies and chocolates; Remedi capsules, Rick Simpson (RSO) syringes and tinctures; High Supply flower, popcorn, shake, pre-rolled joints, vape pens and live vape cartridges; Good News pre-rolled shorties, gummies and vape pens; Wonder Wellness Co. Wonder Minis; and FloraCal Farms premium flower and pre-rolled joints.

High Supply is available in California, Illinois and Arizona. For more information, please visit

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