Gage Cannabis Announces Exclusive Partnership With Blue River to Bring Award-Winning Cannabis Extracts to Michigan

Gage Growth Corp. (“Gage” or the “Company”) (CSE:GAGE), a leading high-quality craft cannabis brand and operator in Michigan, announced today that it has signed an agreement with Blue River™ Extracts & Terpenes (“Blue River™”) to bring the brand’s award-winning solventless technology and other trademark branded products to the state’s medical patients and cannabis consumers. The Company will have exclusive rights to Blue River™’s premium product offerings in Michigan.

Gage Cannabis Announces Exclusive Partnership With Blue River™ to Bring Award-Winning Cannabis Extracts to Michigan

Pursuant to the partnership and pending regulatory approval, Gage has been granted a license to produce and distribute Blue River™ branded products. Blue River™ products sold in Michigan will be manufactured with Gage’s premium flower. 

Subject to the receipt of applicable regulatory approvals, Blue River™’s brands are expected to be available in Michiganat provisioning centers across the state, including seven locations operated by Gage. Adult-use customers can visit five Gage locations including Adrian, Ferndale, Kalamazoo (Cookies), Lansing and Grand Rapids, to purchase their favorite Gage, Cookies and Blue River™ branded products. 

Blue River™ utilizes a solventless technology platform with advanced mechanical separation techniques that deliver cannabis derived terpene-rich authentic farm-to-table experiences. Blue River™’s founder, Tony Verzura, has been at the forefront of solventless innovation and patent driven product development since 2014. Blue River™ branded products include strain specific Dry Sift Hash Rosin, Cold Cure Live Rosin, Live Rosin Cartridges, Snow (“THCa”), Capsules, Drops, Topical, Edible, CBD, CBN, and their signature exclusive solventless extracts Jelly™ and Flan™. Blue River™’s proprietary extraction technology, in addition to its 57 industry awards, has helped to propel mainstream adoption of full-spectrum solventless products. 

“Gage recognizes that partnering with industry-leading brands like Blue River™ will elevate the Michigan cannabis market and provide consumers with a range of products that are of exceptional quality,” said Gage CEO Fabian Monaco. 

The addition of the Blue River™ brands will strengthen Gage’s offering in the vape and concentrate product categories. Production of the additional products will utilize Gage’s increasing cultivation and processing capacity in the state of Michigan.

“Michigan is one of the fastest growing cannabis markets in the country, and this exclusive partnership marks our first expansion into the Midwest,” said Tony Verzura, CEO of Blue River™. “Gage shares our same passion for bringing the highest quality cannabis experiences to both patients and consumers. We look forward to providing our technology, best manufacturing practices, and award-winning offerings to the great State of Michigan.”

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