Lowell Farms Welcomes Jeff Monat to Board of Directors

Lowell Farms Inc. (CSE:LOWL; OTCQX:LOWLF), a California-born innovator in cannabis cultivation and maker of the legendary brand Lowell Smokes, has named veteran finance executive and cannabis investor Jeff Monat to its Board of Directors.

Mr. Monat is a Senior Partner at Merida Capital Holdings, a private equity firm targeting fundamental growth drivers underpinning the rapid development of the cannabis industry. He sits on Merida’s Investment Committee, helping to steer the firm’s investments that focus on products and services associated with the evolution of cannabis as an agricultural product, a natural plant-based medicine, a constituent in pharmaceutical formulations and a recreational consumer product.

“With Jeff, we have immediately expanded the knowledge, expertise, and perspective of our board,” says Chairman of the Board George Allen. “Not only does he bring unrivaled experience, but also a fundamental understanding of the economics of this massive, and still evolving industry.”

Mr. Monat has been an investor in cannabis companies for nearly 10 years, funding both cultivation and ancillary businesses. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Merida Merger Corporation I and as Chairman of the Board of Steep Hill, Incorporated. Mr. Monat has previously worked in analyst roles for Seven Locks Capital, Rockbay Capital, and Goldman Sachs, where he advised clients on M&A transactions, financial valuation, and corporate governance issues. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Mr. Monat serves as treasurer and trustee of the Friends Grow Friends Foundation, Inc., an after-school program that helps children with special needs improve their social skills.

“I’m incredibly optimistic about the future of Lowell Farms and I’m proud to offer my expertise as a member of the board,” Mr. Monat says. “Lowell Farms has established itself as a leader in this industry, yet the ceiling is high and there is great opportunity for the company to grow its capabilities in emerging cannabis sectors, while maintaining its leading position in the adult-use market.”

Mr. Monat’s appointment comes as Kevin McGrath departs the Lowell Farms Board of Directors.

“Kevin’s counsel and contributions to the board have brought great value to the organization and we would like to thank him for his support of Lowell Farms,” Mr. Allen says.

Mr. Monat will begin his tenure with the Board of Directors effective immediately.

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