Prepackaged and Quick to Deploy VFU Packs Help Cultivators Accelerate Speed to Market and Streamline VFU Adoption for Multi-Sate Operators (MSOs)

Agrify Corporation (Nasdaq:AGFY)(“Agrify” or the “Company”), the most innovative provider of advanced cultivation and extraction solutions for the cannabis industry, announced it is launching its line of VFU Rapid Deployment Packs (RDP) designed to quickly deploy 10, 15, 20 or 28 prepackaged Agrify Vertical Farm Units (“VFUs”) in a single-tiered setup at customer facilities. Preconfigured for rapid deployment, Agrify RDP customers can immediately begin cultivating exceptional quality cannabis accelerating time to profitability. Operational within weeks, Agrify RDPs quickly validate the value proposition of cultivating using VFUs for operators, as VFUs can generate a higher and more consistent yield of superior flower at a lower operational cost when compared to traditional cultivation setups. Agrify RDPs are ideal for customers interested in VFU technology who would like to reduce the expense and delay of building out their facility, minimize the time required to having saleable product in market, and allows operators – in particular MSOs – to validate VFUs without undertaking major building renovations while minimizing disruption to their existing facility and operations.

Each VFU arrives fully integrated with Agrify Insights™ SaaS cultivation software, enabling operators to precisely plan, track and monitor their grow cycles. Besides offering a comprehensive production planning system, Agrify Insights enables operators to get granular and dive deep into every environmental factor affecting unit operation, crop growth and health, harvesting, and harvest yields. Agrify RDPs also offer cultivators planning larger VFU deployments the capability and control to quickly establish optimal strain specific grow recipes in advance of their production deployment of VFUs driving greater flower yield and profitability. The tightly controlled microclimate in each VFU provides operators greater flexibility of placement within the facility and the versatility to independently grow different cultivars in each unit without interfering with the others in nearby VFUs, enabling operators to simultaneously grow and optimize multiple cultivars.

In addition to the integrated Agrify Insights platform, Agrify RDPs come preconfigured with all peripheral support equipment required for successful cultivation in VFUs, including chillers, fertigation systems, and wastewater handling systems having the capability to connect directly to the customer’s existing infrastructure. In-depth training and consulting sessions to improve customer success are also available with Agrify’s in-house horticulture expertise. Only Agrify RDPs offers a plug-and-play approach with minimal disruption to existing operations lowering the bar to entry and quickly getting quality products to market.

“Being customer focused and having worked with several prominent MSO in the industry, we’ve listened attentively to their feedback to not only improve our products but also on the ease of deploying our solutions in their operations,” said Raymond Chang, CEO of Agrify. “Development of our VFU RDP offering was directly guided by their desire to minimize the disruption typically encountered when readying a facility for a new cultivation platform. By minimizing the changes required to their building infrastructure VFU RDPs are not only quick and cost-effective to deploy, they also don’t require diverting of manpower and resource away from normal operations, keeping the facility at production capacity. Our VFU Rapid Deployment Pack’s provide a great opportunity for operators to quickly have a high quality and consistent salable product in market while building out their larger facility and perfecting high-yielding grow recipes. There is no faster way for cultivators to experience firsthand how valuable and empowering our technologies can be to improve their operations and products.”

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