The First Round of Easyriders Products Hit Shops this Month

The motorcycle lifestyle brand kickstarts its Hollister collaboration with premium pre-rolls in collectible tins 

VANCOUVER, BC, April 8, 2021 /CNW/ – Hollister Biosciences Inc. (CSE: HOLL) (OTC: HSTRF) (FRANKFURT: HOB) and Easyriders have come together to create high-quality cannabis products that embody the independent spirit and attitude of the modern biker. The collaboration officially hits the road this month with premium pre-roll packs in silver or black collectible tins featuring the iconic Easyriders logo. 

Each pack contains 10 .2-gram pre-rolls designed for quick, socially discreet ways to medicate, microdose and elevate on the go or when sharing with friends. The silver tin features pre-rolls made with an artisan Sherbert strain (Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties genetics), while the pre-rolls in the black tin feature lush Ice Cream Cake flower (Wedding Cake x Gelato #33 genetics). Both are terpene-rich, indica-dominant hybrids that may promote stress release, physical relaxation and uplifting moods. 

These initial products in the Easyriders line will be available at dispensaries throughout California. The line will expand later this summer with the introduction of a topical tattoo balm. 

Hollister Biosciences was founded in the California town where an infamous 1947 biker rally birthed the outlaw biker image and inspired the Marlon Brandon film The Wild One, while Easyriders has been the definitive voice of motorcycle culture for more than half a century. Shared roots in a classic Americana culture made the companies natural ride partners from the start. 

“My vision for Hollister has always been to pay homage to the amazing biker culture that has permeated the global landscape over the past few decades by combining it with amazing cannabis products,” says Carl Saling, the Co-Founder, CEO and Director of Hollister Biosciences. “Easyriders is one of the most iconic and recognizable global biker brands. With the collaborative vision of Easyriders’ Pepper Foster, we are proud to now be their exclusive cannabis partner, and we look forward to producing a truly authentic experience across the cannabis skus we develop and distribute across America.” 

About Easyriders 

In 1970, Easyriders established itself as a platform for motorcycle enthusiasts to immerse in the rugged, on-the-road lifestyle championed by the counterculture movement and greats like Steve McQueen, Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper. Issues of civil rights, the Vietnam War (and ensuing protests), political scandal and the emerging generation gap fueled our obsession with wind-swept freedom and ingrained Easyriders with its overarching sense of rebellion. 

More than a magazine, Easyriders is a lifestyle. 

In celebration of our 50th anniversary, we are shifting with the times and expanding the brand to encompass exclusive, major-label product collaborations; insider events and music festivals; and a quarterly coffee table–style book — that’s four thick issues per year jam-packed with gorgeous photography and feature stories. 

With a nod to our roots in independence, passion and freedom, and with newfound emphasis on international travel, design and entertainment, Easyriders has flown full throttle into a new era. Join us as we embark on this next journey. 

About Hollister Biosciences Inc. 

Hollister Biosciences Inc. is a multi-state cannabis company with a vision to be the sought-after premium brand portfolio of innovative, high-quality cannabis & hemp products. Hollister uses a high-margin model that controls the whole process from manufacture to sales to distribution for what’s best described as seed-to-shelf cannabis. Products from Hollister Biosciences Inc. include HashBone, the brand’s premier artisanal hash-infused pre-roll, along with concentrates (shatter, budder, crumble), distillates, solvent-free bubble hash, pre-packaged flower, pre-rolls, tinctures, vape products and full-spectrum high CBD pet tinctures. Hollister Cannabis Co. additionally offers white-labeling manufacturing of cannabis products. Our wholly owned California subsidiary Hollister Cannabis Co is the first state and locally licensed cannabis company in the city of Hollister, California, birthplace of the “American Biker.” 


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