TILT Enters Into Three State Agreement To Manufacture and Distribute 1906-Branded Rapid Onset Cannabis Products

1906, a cannabis product innovator, is the creator of highly functional formulations that combine moderately-dosed cannabis with targeted plant medicines

TILT to launch 1906 Drops in Pennsylvania and Ohio, as well as the 1906 line of chocolates in the Massachusetts market

TILT Holdings Inc. (“TILT or the “Company”) (CSE: TILT) (OTCQX: TLLTF), a global provider of business solutions to the cannabis industry that includes inhalation technologies, cultivation, manufacturing, processing, brand development and retail, announced a multi-state licensing agreement with cannabis product innovator brand 1906 (“1906”).

Through its subsidiaries Standard Farms, LLC in Pennsylvania, Standard Farms Ohio, LLC and Commonwealth Alternative Care, Inc. (“CAC”) in Massachusetts, TILT will provide full-service wholesale manufacturing, packaging and distribution services to accelerate the availability of 1906’s portable, non-smokable cannabis products to patients in the rapidly-growing adult-use and medical markets that TILT serves.

Since coming to market in Colorado in 2016, 1906 has been one of the fastest growing brands in the U.S. Pending regulatory approval, later this year TILT expects to launch 1906’s zero-calorie, allergen-free pills (“Drops”) in Pennsylvania and Ohio, as well as 1906’s line of premium chocolates in Massachusetts, where their Drops are currently available to both medical patients and adult-use consumers. 1906 products are designed to deliver six unique experiences including*:

  • Go – A special blend of plant medicines, caffeine, and cannabis promoting alertness, energy, and focus. Each Go Drop contains 5mg THC and 5mg CBD.
  • Genius – An optimal blend of five plant medicines, caffeine, and cannabis promoting cognitive performance. Each Genius Drop contains 2.5mg THC and 2.5mg CBD.
  • Bliss – A stimulating blend of euphoria-inducing plant medicines and cannabis promoting a bubbly sense of well-being and extroverted happiness. Each Bliss Drop contains 5mg THC and 5mg CBD.
  • Love – An aphrodisiac made from five exotic herbs renowned for their love-enhancing properties, plus cannabis to increase sensuality. ​​Each Love Drop contains 2.5mg THC and 2.5mg CBD.
  • Chill – A perfectly balanced blend of stress-reducing plant medicines and relaxing cannabis promoting a tranquil mind and a calm body. Each Chill Drop contains 5mg THC and 25mg CBD.
  • Midnight – A highly targeted blend of sleep-inducing plant medicines and relaxing cannabis promoting deeper and more restful nights. Each Midnight Drop contains 5mg THC and 5mg CBD.

“Since announcing our brand partnership strategy earlier this year, we continue to attract some of the most exciting and unique brands in the space,” said Gary Santo, CEO of TILT Holdings. “1906 marks another stellar addition to our growing roster of brand partners, and their willingness to enter into multiple markets with us reinforces the value proposition we offer our partners as well as 1906’s faith and trust in TILT’s ability to deliver. Our team continues to perform at a high level, and as we seek to create value for our shareholders, I could not be more proud of our ability to execute.”

“1906 is committed to making cannabis accessible, easy and unintimidating for all users. We’re thrilled to join forces with a partner who has the expertise and operational systems to help us reach more patients as we continue our eastward expansion,” says 1906 Co-founder and CEO Peter Barsoom. “TILT has brought a host of impressive brands to the marketplace—they have what it takes to help us scale production and distribution in key states.”

*Due to differing state regulations, not all products will be immediately available in all markets.

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