Charlotte’s Web Achieves ISO Certification for In-House Lab Testing

Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc. (“Charlotte’s Web” or the “Company”), the market leader in cannabidiol (“CBD”) hemp extract wellness products, has achieved International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17025 certification. This certifies that Charlotte’s Web has met the technical and quality benchmarks required by ISO 17025 for analytical chemistry testing methods. The certification applies to its quality control (QC) testing laboratory housed within its state-of-the-art 137,000 square foot production facility, headquartered in Louisville, Colorado.

ISO 17025 certification is the international standard for testing, allowing the Company’s in-house laboratory to be recognized domestically and internationally for valid test results at the highest standard. This emboldens Charlotte’s Web consumer confidence and trust in its premium products.

“Our brand was built on the pillars of quality, consistency and Integrity. This certification is another validator of these pillars. This level of testing oversight is typically reserved for companies that specialize in lab testing. It demonstrates how Charlotte’s Web is providing the best analytical testing to deliver the highest quality CBD consumer products,” said Jared Stanely, Chief Cultivation & Innovation Officer. “Having this capability in-house also substantially reduces costs, resources, and time – in some cases reduced from weeks to hours – enabling quicker innovation and production timelines.”

The Company’s ongoing commitment to the highest level of testing is important for consumers who may be seeking wellness solutions outside of conventional medicinal channels. ISO certification adds accountability and can play a decisive role in the evolution of Charlotte’s Web. This ISO 17025 certification is in addition to the facility’s National Science Foundation (NSF) cGMP certification, providing consumer confidence that Charlotte’s Web products going consistent, reliable, effective and safe. 

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