MJ Holdings Passes Nevada CCB Inspection, Will Commence Cultivation Operations

MJ Holdings, Inc. (“MJ Holdings” or the “Company”)(OTCQB: MJNE) is officially launching its cannabis cultivation operations at its new location “The Farm” in Amargosa Valley, Nevada after receiving approval from the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB). Last month, the CCB completed the inspection at The Farm, formally authorizing it for cannabis cultivation use. With the completion of the final inspection, our buyers and consumers will know that we have met and exceeded the highest ethical standards.
“We are thrilled by the news of the approval of our cultivation operations after the recent inspection at The Farm,” MJ Holdings CEO Roger Bloss said in a statement. “As we commence operations, we can bolster our efforts to give ourselves and our partners an unmatched and unique competitive edge as the industry forges ahead. With 260 acres, our capacities allow us to generate a high rate of speed and low cost to market, which comes as a huge advantage for Nevada growers, processors and customers.”
Per the CCB’s pre-opening requirements, the Company held an inspection of The Farm to ensure the safety and security of the facility and guarantee it is operating per appropriate laws and regulations. The Company will extend its compliance with CCB guidelines by the implementation of seed-to-sale tracking, timely reporting and up-to-date security protocols. MJ Holdings is adhering to the proper statutes and regulations set forth by the CCB and is firmly committed to continued transparency and safety of our customers, shareholders, investors and employees.
Paris Balaouras Founder and Chief Cultivation Officer of MJ Holdings said, “We are grateful to continue growing our cultivation operations. This allows us to position ourselves alongside third party management company expertise to exceed previous growing capabilities. During our last operation, we averaged up to 4,000 plants per acre, and we are well-situated to move the needle forward with our expected first harvest.”

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