Wana Brands Partners with TerrAscend to Bring its Best-In-Class Edibles to New Jersey and to Expand its Existing Line-Up in Maryland

TerrAscend Corp. (“TerrAscend”) (CSE: TER) (OTCQX: TRSSF), a leading North American cannabis operator, today announced a multi-year agreement (the “Agreement”) with Wana Brands (“Wana”), the leading edibles manufacturer in North America, to introduce Wana’s products at The Apothecarium retail stores and additional third-party retailers in New Jersey. The agreement will also transfer to TerrAscend, the manufacturing and sales of Wana’s existing portfolio of products in Maryland.

Pursuant to the agreement, TerrAscend will serve as the exclusive sole manufacturer, supplier, and commercial partner for Wana’s products in New Jersey. The new relationship in Maryland will also bring some of Wana’s best-selling SKUs such as its fast-acting “Quick” and health and wellness line “Optimals,” to Maryland as Wana seeks to aggressively expand their product portfolio in the state.

“This partnership is a substantial addition to our retail and wholesale operations in New Jersey, one of the most robust cannabis markets on the East Coast,” said Jason Wild, Executive Chairman of TerrAscend. “Edibles are among the industry’s fastest growing consumer categories, as well as one of the strongest entry points for new cannabis consumers. We also look forward to building on the amazing presence Wana has cultivated in Maryland by adding new SKUs for their patient base in the state.”

Nancy Whiteman, CEO and Co-founder of Wana Brands, said, “We could not be more excited to partner with TerrAscend to introduce Wana to New Jersey cannabis connoisseurs for the very first time and launch several of our top selling SKUs from other markets in Maryland. We would like to thank Curio for their partnership over the past three years to position Wana as a top gummy in Maryland, and look forward to continuing to work with their retail stores as we make this transition towards the end of March, 2023.”

Wana Brands is a leading North American edible brand delivering award-winning quality, consistency and potency through a variety of edibles products that allow customers to select their desired cannabis experience. Wana products come in a wide range of flavors, CBD/THC/minor cannabinoid ratios, as well as different dosages, onset times and duration of effects. Over the next few months, Wana products will become available to patients and consumers at The Apothecarium dispensaries in LodiMaplewood and Phillipsburg, as well as third-party locations. In New Jersey, The Apothecarium is also home to Kind Tree and Gage, TerrAscend’s best-selling in-house flower and vape brands, and the #1 Californiacannabis lifestyle brand, Cookies. 

For more information about the products available at The Apothecarium, please visit apothecariumnj.com or apothecarium.com.

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