Canada’s Health Minister Patty Hajdu declares that medicinal psilocybin for doctors and therapists will be approved

While the U.S. drags its feet to approve marijuana and psychedelics at the federal level, the rest of the world is chugging along in their acceptance and approval.

America is notoriously slow in matters like these because of how much of a role red tape, bureaucracy, and cronyism plays. However, since most of the rest of the world has a more progressive view of cannabis and/or psychedelics, particularly when it comes to using them for mental and physical ailments, their speed at which they approve the regulation is astounding.

This translates to a tremendous benefit for large swaths of society struggling with PTSD, panic attacks, anxiety, opiate addiction, the end-of-life process, etc. but beyond that, the benefits extend to economies: more businesses are opening up, more people are employed, and governments reap the large tax benefits.

Furthermore, while most of the U.S. is slow to get their cannabis and psychedelic industries going, Americans simply travel to where those substances are available (to Canada or Mexico if you live near the borders) or online from those nations that already have industries steaming along.

With the recent announcement by Canada’s Health Minister Patty Hajdu that pending applications by PCPs and therapists (among select health care providers) for the use of psilocybin for medical use will be approved, you can expect the millions of U.S. residents living on our northern border to start spending their money with Canada instead of on home soil.

Barely 7 months ago Health Minister Hadju approved requests by palliative care patients to use psilocybin for psychotherapy, leaving therapists in limbo. House Of Commons Member Hedy Fry interviewed Minister Hedju this winter where she said that this recent move may be “…controversial for some and not for others, but the doctors that prescribe this therapy wanted to understand what it would feel like and how to best use it to help their patients that are struggling.”

America’s so-called political leaders are supposed to be representatives for the people, the common man, yet months, even years after voters approve marijuana or psychedelics for medicinal and/or recreational use, many towns and cities haven’t opened up a single dispensary or finished the regulatory process so that locals can begin to salve their mental disorders or ailments.

Individuals sit there suffering while politicians bog the process down trying to find ways that they and their cronies can benefit financially under the guise of faux altruism. Suuuuuuure….it’s taking 3 years to get the local industries off the ground because our wealthy politicians care about our health and safety so much.

Do people still really buy that nonsense in 2021?

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