Green Thumb Industries’ Dogwalkers Cannabis Brand Makes Donations to Five Nonprofits

Green Thumb Industries Inc. (Green Thumb) (CSE: GTII) (OTCQX: GTBIF), a leading cannabis consumer packaged goods company and owner of Rise™ Dispensaries, today announced its Dogwalkers brand has donated more than $34,000 to five animal rescue organizations as part of an ongoing awareness campaign in the markets where Dogwalkers are sold. The donations were made as part of the “Bailey Legacy Fund,” named in honor of Bailey Buffett Kovler, the beloved dog of Green Thumb Founder and CEO Ben Kovler and his family. Bailey, who served as the inspiration and face of the Dogwalkers brand, passed away in October 2020 but lives on through the brand she inspired and the joy she brought during her lifetime.

“Dogwalkers is proud to provide annual financial support to five incredible animal shelter partners,” said Green Thumb Brand Manager David Bleicher. “For Dogwalkers, a brand that was inspired by the companionship of Ben’s own special pup Bailey, it is only fitting that we created the ‘Bailey Legacy Fund’ to support nonprofits dedicated to bettering the lives of animals. We are grateful for the opportunity to support organizations that rescue, care for and connect deserving dogs with their forever homes.”

The organizations that benefited are:

Dogs Playing for Life in Wellborn, Florida: Dogs Playing for Life has served hundreds of thousands of dogs in shelters through playgroup seminars and enrichment programs. By helping shelters improve the quality of life for their dogs, more dogs will be adopted and fewer will fall through the cracks. By investing in canine enrichment through behavioral intervention, Dogs Playing for Life is committed to tackling the “end game” of animal welfare by attending to the emotional well-being of all sheltered dogs from the day they arrive until the day they go home. Visit for more information.

“The support we have received from Dogwalkers is helpful in all the different levels of resources that we provide to the dogs. All the enrichment that we’re providing, all the tools we use, the bedding, everything. We’ve been able to apply it to anything that is going to make the dogs happier and more comfortable.” – Aimee Sadler, Founder and CEO.

Foundation for TJO Animals in Springfield, Massachusetts: Founded in 2007, the Foundation for TJO Animals is a 501(c)(3) organization that raises much needed funds to support and enhance the medical services and programs of the Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center. The Foundation is made up of a volunteer Board of Directors dedicated to helping animals in shelter receive the care needed to help them on to their forever homes through fundraising, special events and donor appeals. For more information visit

“Whenever there is an animal in distress, there is often a human in distress. We are bringing in more animals from people who are victims of domestic violence or for people entering rehab. Knowing there’s a partnership with Dogwalkers, we can do that one animal at a time.” – Pam Peebles, Executive Director 

Nevada SPCA in Las Vegas, Nevada: The Nevada SPCA, a nonprofit organization, operates a no-kill animal sanctuary, promotes humane education, makes referrals for lower-cost spay/neuter and vaccination services, and challenges people to be the best possible guardians for the companion animals in their care. For more information visit

“The donation from Dogwalkers will give us an opportunity to affect the lives of between 40 and 50 animals. And we believe that’s a huge number and you can say the donation is saving lives in Southern Nevada.” – Lori Heeren, Executive Director

PetConnect Rescue in Potomac Maryland: Founded in 2005, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, PetConnect Rescue has evolved into a vibrant, well-respected animal rescue organization, the largest one based in Montgomery County, Maryland. PetConnect Rescue is dedicated to saving dogs and cats at high risk of euthanasia. Compassionate volunteers and staff find loving homes for all the animals that come into their care and provide ongoing support throughout the adoption process and beyond. PetConnect is committed to ensuring a highly positive rescue experience for adopters and to raising awareness of the plight of abandoned animals through community education. Visit for more information.

“We are primarily donation based. Adoptions are up, donations are down. Knowing that we’re sponsored by Dogwalkers has been a huge relief. Animals just bring people together, and certainly when you combine animals and a natural disaster or a pandemic, you find a lot of people are willing to work together.” – Katie Hasse, Adoption Coordinator

TAPS No-Kill Animal Shelter in Illinois: Tazewell Animal Protective Society, commonly referred to as TAPS, is a non-profit organization and no-kill animal shelter with no time or age restrictions on the animals we help. TAPS exists to provide humane sheltering and high quality medical care for stray, unwanted, abused, and neglected animals and to find loving, lifelong homes for orphaned pets. Visit for more information.

“As a no-kill animal shelter, a lot of our revenue comes from off-site events and this year we have had to cancel all of those events due to COVID. Without Dogwalkers we couldn’t create these kind of miracles for the dogs that we take in.” – Holly Crotty, Executive Director

About Dogwalkers:

Dogwalkers are the perfect pack. Unconditionally there whether you want to sit, stay or play, these mini pre-rolls are pocket size and always made with premium flower. Inspired by long walks with our loyal four-legged friends, Dogwalkers gives back to organizations that help animals in need. Enjoy the journey. Play with Dogwalkers on Instagram and Facebook. For more information, visit

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