Jushi Holdings Inc. Announces Upcoming Launch of Flower Brands, The Bank and Sèche in Virginia as Commonwealth’s Flower Sales Begin

Jushi Holdings Inc. (“Jushi” or the “Company”) (CSE: JUSH) (OTCQX: JUSHF), a vertically integrated, multi-state cannabis operator, announced the upcoming launch of two flower brands in the Commonwealth: The Bank and Sèche

Jushi has received the Virginia Board of Pharmacy (“BOP”) approval to begin selling its premium flower brand, The Bank, and its value flower brand, Sèche, to Virginia patients. The Bank, an award-winning flower brand known for its superior plant genetics, initially offers pre-packaged flower to registered Virginia cannabis patients in three-tiered lines: Gold Standard, Cache and Vault. The Bank is currently available for purchase at BEYOND / HELLO™ Manassas, the Company’s 15 Pennsylvania BEYOND / HELLO™ locations and partner dispensaries in Pennsylvania and Nevada. Sèche, Jushi’s fine grind, fine flower and pre-rolls brand, is also available for purchase at BEYOND / HELLO™ Manassas, the Company’s 15 Pennsylvania BEYOND / HELLO™ locations and partner dispensaries in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Nevada. Jushi will continue to roll out its in-house flower brands to additional BEYOND / HELLO™ Virginia locations as they open, and to partner dispensaries in the Commonwealth in the coming weeks and months. 

Jushi Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Founder Jim Cacioppo commented, “We thank the Virginia Board of Pharmacy for not only being a trusted partner, but also for their commitment to expanding the variety of safe, legal and tested cannabis products accessible to Virginia’s medical cannabis patients. We are very excited to announce that flower is now available to medical cannabis patients in Virginia. Since we began serving patients at our BEYOND / HELLO™ Manassas dispensary in December 2020, we have focused on driving improved patient experiences and offering the best possible assortment of products in the market, including our own vaporization cartridges and cannabis-infused chewables. With the introduction of flower, we are not only enhancing the product assortment and increasing the number of choices available for our patients, but also offering them the most in-demand medicinal cannabis products across all product lines.”

Mr. Cacioppo added, “As we expand access to flower for Virginia medical cannabis patients at our BEYOND / HELLO™ Manassas, and soon to be opened Sterling location, we look forward to executing on our plan to expand our footprint in the Commonwealth by opening additional BEYOND / HELLO™ retail stores, optimizing our cultivation and manufacturing assets, as well as meeting growing patient demand.”

As part of the plan to meet growing patient demand, in the second quarter of 2021, Jushi introduced a pilot delivery program that serves patients from its BEYOND / HELLO™ Manassas dispensary. Since rolling out the program, the Company has seen a meaningful increase in demand for delivery services. As a result, the Company expanded its delivery program to meet the rise in demand and improve accessibility for BEYOND / HELLO Manassas™ patients.

Earlier this month in Virginia, Jushi debuted its brand, The Lab, in the form of .5g and .3g vaporizable cartridges and its brand, Tasteology, a cannabis-infused chewables line. The Company is also expected to launch Nira + Medicinals, a suite of tinctures, capsules, softgels and topicals, in Virginia in the coming weeks. Please visit BEYOND / HELLO™ Virginia to see what brands are available and at what locations the brands can be purchased in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

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